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The VR/AR goggles designed for kids 10+


MERGE Mini is the perfect introduction to virtual and augmented reality! Small, lightweight, marshmallow-soft, and compatible with most Android and iOS smartphones, kids 10+ can comfortably explore virtual and augmented worlds.


Visit our curated VR/AR content library, to travel across the the planet or blast off to outer space, go back in time to walk with dinosaurs or play games in amazing new ways.

What's New?

We’re excited to announce MERGE Mini at CES 2018! We took all the best features of MERGE Goggles to create Mini. Smaller and lighter than the original, MERGE Mini’s offer the most accessible and affordable way for younger users to explore high quality mobile VR and AR in a complete end-to-end user experience.



MERGE Miniverse

  • Hundreds of curated apps.
Small, lightweight, colorful

Smaller, lighter, more colorful

  • Comfortable for everyone.
Lower price

Lower $30 price point

  • Affordable, high quality VR/AR.
For smaller hands

For smaller hands

  • Dual input buttons easier to reach for smaller hands.
For smaller faces

For smaller faces

  • Adjustable lenses fit smaller faces.
Fun to share

Fun to share

  • Fun to share with family, friends, and in the classroom.


  • Compatible with VR and AR apps.
iOS & Android

iOS & Android

Media Coverage

VR Scout

Future of Play – Evolving a Kid-Friendly XR Ecosystem

MERGE Mini takes all the features of the original MERGE Goggles and offers the most accessible and affordable way for younger users to explore high quality mobile VR/AR experiences.


CES 2018: Silly Rabbit, MERGE Makes VR For Kids

“Only one company is creating AR, VR and MR products for kids. You would think with gaming technology merging the real world and the digital world, kids would want to participate as well. That’s the ethos behind MERGE.”

Tom's Hardware

MERGE Made A VR Headset Suited For Kids

MERGE isn’t trying to expose young children to VR prematurely, but it also doesn’t think you have to wait until you're 13. The company created the MERGE Mini to give kids age 10 and older a chance to try VR (and AR—the device has a camera passthrough).”

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