The Hologram
You Hold in Your Hand

Meet the MERGE Cube, the world's first, holographic object you can hold in the palm of your hand.

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    AR, VR, & Mixed Reality

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    Works with iOS & Android

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    VR/AR Goggles


  • National Parenting Product Award
  • Toy Insider: Top Holiday Toy
  • Good Housekeeping: Best Toy Award
  • DISTREE Fresh Award

    2017 FRESH Award

  • Wired

    Hot Products in 2017 (UK)

    Best Phones and Gadgets
    at Mobile World Congress

  • Moms Choice Award
  • TechRadar

    CES 2017Most Unique Product



Cutting-Edge Schools Show How Education Is Everyone's Business

This is a completely different way to experience augmented and virtual reality because it provides users with a handheld cube essentially allowing the child to hold a hologram in her hand.

Venture Beat

MERGE Cube augmented reality toy debuts at Walmart

The MERGE Cube costs only $15, and it is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It features dozens of games and experiences built for it. The launch of the MERGE Cube in Walmart stores follows the earlier launch of the company’s MERGE VR/AR Goggles…

Good Housekeeping

The Good Housekeeping Best Toy Awards 2017

“Our experts vetted 500-plus new toys for safety, quality and skill-building. Then we asked the toughest critics — kids — to name the 'bestest' of all. Meet this holiday's top hits!”


How MERGE is Building an XR Ecosystem for Kids

MERGE is also working on educating kids and teachers and continuing to merge the physical and digital worlds from publishing guides on how to make MERGE Cube apps to launching future products and experiences.


Mit MERGE VR's [MERGE Cube] konnte ich Minecraft auf meiner Handfläche spielen.

Ich hatte so viel Spaß, dass meine Skepsis bald verflog. Es mag vielleicht keine revolutionär neue Form der Augmented Reality sein, aber der Holo Cube von MERGE könnte sich zu einem unentbehrlichen Spielzeug für junge Menschen entwickeln, die die erweiterte Realität nicht nur sehen, sondern auch mit ihr spielen wollen.