You move, it moves. Step into the game.

How it Works

When you move, it moves. You duck, it ducks. You jump, it jumps. Blaster merges the digital space with the real world and puts you in the game! Play anywhere from your bedroom to your backyard, challenge your friends in multiplayer matches, and prove your skills to the world. MERGE 6DoF Blaster, with the smartphone you already own, tracks your movements in the real world using sophisticated positional tracking technology, for the most immersive gameplay ever experienced on a mobile device. Grab your Blaster and smartphone, and step into the game!



Tracking Technology

Tracking Technology

  • MERGE 6DoF Blaster is a VR/AR input device that uses positional tracking technology like SLAM, ARKit, ARCore, or Vuforia in your Smartphone.
Developer friendly

Easy for developers

  • MERGE 6DoF Blaster SDK makes it easy for developers to build next generation VR gaming experiences using Unity 3D.
4 action buttons

4 action buttons

  • Run. Jump. Shoot. Interact. Four action buttons give developers a rich toolset for building complex interactive experiences.
Taking VR to mobile

Taking VR to mobile

  • Taking high-end VR and console gaming to a mobile platform.
Handheld VR

Handheld VR

  • Handheld VR -- no headset required.
Media Coverage

The Verge

Circuit Breaker Live from CES

This is probably the best sort of AR / VR / MR demo I've seen in a long time.


MERGE Blaster is the best AR toy I've ever tried

MERGE's 6DoF Blaster looks like a Laser Tag gun and uses a phone. And that's basically what it is: Laser Tag, for AR. And it might be one of my favorite things at CES. Seriously.

AR Critic

MERGE 6DoF Blaster First Impressions

“I can’t wait to play some great multiplayer laser tag games with this little baby, it’s going to be a blast!”


MERGE's new 6DoF Blaster lets you explore VR without a headset

Want to get into VR without a headset? MERGE has got you.


The Best Gaming Gear of CES 2018

It looks like a blast (yeah, we went there).

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